just some things i've developed or worked on
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front-end intern at Jobox.ai
internship: may 2019 - aug. 2019
I worked as a web development and iOS intern at a small startup called Jobox.ai. In my time there, I built a new page for an internal dashboard, and created a web-app for non-app users from scratch. I worked in React, Redux, and Swift.
ios developer at Bids Events
part-time job: oct. 2018 - present
I was the iOS developer on Bids, a startup that aims to replace Fraternities’ wristband-based party invite system with a mobile app.
NearMe: Find Friends Nearby
team iOS project (MDB): feb. 2019 - may. 2019
NearMe is a location-based social media app that allows friends nearby to find each other. I designed the app and logo and developed the app for iOS within a team of four through MDB. We built the app to catch the times in which you and your friend are nearby (maybe studying), but you don't know it.
Kozo: Automatic Work Scheduler
team iOS project (MDB): oct. 2018 - dec. 2018
Kozo, an iOS app, helps students keep track of assignments, projects, and extracurricular work. I worked in a team of 3 within MDB, and created the wireframes (on Figma) and developed most of the front-end (in XCode). We created the app to provide a gamified approach to fighting procrastination.
deep space
solo ml project: june 2018 - july 2018
Deep Space is a Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network (DCGAN) that generates space pictures from scratch. I built it after taking cs231n (stanford's course on cnn's); I wanted to apply what I learned to a real project.
Perspective - New Tab
solo web project: mar. 2018 - apr. 2018
Perspective is a new tab chrome extension created to help users keep track of time and deadlines. I built the extension (using HTML, CSS, and Javascript) because I felt like time passed too quickly, and I wanted to slow it down a little. At its peak, Perspective had 100 weekly users.
hz intonation
solo iOS project: dec. 2017 - feb. 2018
hz is an iOS app that allows musicians to save recordings of their playing and view their intonation at every point. I built the app to help beginner string players develop an ear for intonation, and the app now has around 300 monthly active users.
Chorely - Chores Made Easy
solo iOS project: may 2017 - aug. 2017
Chorely is an iOS app that connects people who have chores with teens who are willing to do small jobs for money. I created the app to help teens such as myself make money, and it now has around 600 monthly active users.